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Books2Mention Magazine is a place where best-selling authors and up-and-coming authors are featured collectively showcasing their literary works.

We embarked upon this challenge fully committed to our vision of becoming a BookTopia for readers encompassing a diverse genre of literature.

Our goal is to provide a venue that will bridge all authors together, so avid readers and the occasional reader, can experience the best of both worlds. We have some amazingly talented writers out there and we want to ensure that everyone is provided with the tools to locate and explore what is now available in literature.

Books2Mention is dedicated to facilitating an environment that is ENLIGHTENING, INFORMATIVE, EMPOWERING, and ENTERTAINING. B2M will feature articles on authors, conduct author interviews, provide book reviews, display newly released books, and discuss up-coming releases as well as provide additional information about your favorite writers.

So we ask that you sit back and prepare yourself to embark on a unique journey exploring all that the world of literature has to offer, that being well known and unknown writers from all genres collectively sharing their artistry with us.

Words Are Powerful, Become Empowered!

Patricia D. Woods



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