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Monday, June 22 2020

Books2Mention continues in our pursuit to provide a platform that offers empowering insight from a diverse group of individuals to enhance knowledge in all of our endeavors. Therefore we have expanded our mission beyond the literary world to include individuals of interest in other realms of the entertainment industry.

We are excited about Upclose-Encounters and we hope you will be too.

Upclose-Encounters was formed to provide a positive balance on the negative overload of journalism and overwhelming criticism flowing in the blogosphere that stars often fall prey to.

If you are in search for drama, gossip, negative news, criticism or a media source that chooses to be loose with the truth, this is not the venue.

We are providing our stars the chance to speak about things of importance to them. A chance to inspire, motivate and empower minds that want to observe and learn from their journey and life experiences.

Our goal is to facilitate a venue where our stars can freely share with fans their inner thoughts, reflections and aspirations. 

So dare to embark on this amazing new approach of allowing our stars the place and space to share with us what it is like to be in the spotlight living life, fulfilling dreams and looking forward to whatever greatness the future holds in store.

So stay tuned to Upclose-Encounters as we capture candid conversations that will inspire and motivate you to free your creative genius and make your dreams your reality.

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