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Saturday, March 15 2014
Hello Avid Readers!
I'm back and eager to share with you some exciting books that have caught my eye.
First off, let me mention one of my all time favorite designers, Preston Bailey. Mr. Bailey released his new book, Flowers a few months ago and I have been completely captivated by the flower designs and elegant decor displayed in this wonderful book. It is truly a girl's dream book if you are in the mist of planning your special wedding day or any special event. It is simply exquisite!
Of course I have to mention a few romance novels that will melt your heart.
One delicious novel I want to share with you is Recipe For Desire by Cheris Hodges. This sizzling romance novel reveals the story of party girl, Marie Charles, co-owner of a publicity firm being charged with DUI and sentenced to perform community service at My Sisters Keeper. It is there that Marie crosses paths with the debonair renowned chef and TV star Devon Harris.
Initially their meeting is filled with misunderstandings and false information. But before long an attraction surfaces that ultimately challenges Devon and Marie to decide what is most important in life.
Hidden Summit by Robyn Carr is another exciting read that will keep you fully engaged. Leslie Petruso accepts a job at the Virgin River Branch of Haggerty Construction. She's moved to a new town trying to get over a difficult breakup. Leslie meets Conner Danson, who happens to be new in town as well.
As the story unfolds, a romance begins and soon secrets are revealed that could possibly destroy lives. 
All three tittles are definitely keepers and worthy to be added to your reading list.
So, tell us what books you will be reading. Be sure to let us know if your reads are Keepers or Sleepers.

As Always,

Stay Tuned...Stay In The Know...

See You On The Next Page...As We Read Between The Lines.

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