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Friday, June 20 2014

Casper by Akila Cruz & Ray Childress

Introducing a new novel to add to your summer reading list. Casper is an exciting novel filled with sizzle and drama, just the way we like it. So be sure to visit your favorite bookstore and pick up your copy!

Maria, a beautiful and fiery, yet inexperienced Latina girl from a well-off suburban family has just embarked on a path as an elite college student-athlete when she runs into Casper, a tough kid from the inner city who  she wants absolutely nothing to do with due to his arrogant attitude and drug dealing ways--until a fateful night’s events lead the two people who bristle at the mere sight of one another, into a burgeoning relationship that’s so steamy and passionate it will have the most seasoned erotic romance reader blushing.

For Maria, judiciously applying her womanly wits and traffic-stopping figure in a vigorous bid to pull Casper away from the deadly game of drug-dealing, comes as second nature.  But as she sees deceitful enemies, and even life-long friends clash over fast money and even faster sex partners her world is turned upside down and she suddenly realizes she has to decide if being with Casper is worth all of the baggage and danger that comes with him.


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