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Saturday, January 17 2015

Gooseberry Island provides an intricate look inside the life of soldiers and those who love them. Vividly revealing the trauma, pain, and heartache that many endure due to their extraordinary sacrifice to protect our country.”

“David McClain meets Lindsey Wood at his going away party the night before he returns to duty in Afghanistan. It is a chance meeting that captures his heart, when falling in love was not among his to do list before leaving for an assignment that offered no guarantees that he would be returning.” 

“When David returns to his Ranger position his experiences shape his decision to pull away from Lindsey. Not wanting to complicate her life with the traumatic nightmare he lives with daily.”

“Lindsey must decide if she is completely committed to their love and willing to go to battle to fight for a future together.”

“Steven Manchester courageously offers his insight, bringing to life the horrific experiences and interesting characters depicted by utilizing his knowledge from his very own experience as a solider who fought in Afghanistan.” 

Gooseberry Island is an emotional read that adequately tackles the results of war and evokes deep thought concerning the lasting affect placed on soldiers and their families. It is an eye-opening read that should be read by all.”

- - Patricia D. Woods, B2M Editor

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