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Tuesday, May 27 2014

Pressed Pennies, is an exceptional story that examines love and family life in all of its complexities.”

“Abby and Rick are childhood friends who lived in the same neighborhood. They had a group of friends that they hung out with and went on adventurous trips together. Their lives changed when Rick’s family moved away, breaking up the group of friends and breaking Abby’s heart.”

“Years later, Abby and Rick reconnect surprisingly. They realize that they have always been in love with each other. They decide to pursue a relationship.”

“Abby’s daughter Paige is having difficulty-accepting Rick. She is struggling with issues about her father and is afraid that her relationship with her mother is threatened due to Rick.”

“Although Rick and Abby suffer through some difficult obstacles the love they share helps them to endure it.”

“Steven Manchester fluently depicts this wonderful, heart-warming story. Creating a novel that honestly portrays love, relationships, and family. While demonstrating how we find ways to deal with our challenges for those we love.”

- - Patricia Woods, B2M Editor

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Friday, May 02 2014

In Streetz Gon' Cry, the authors reveal a gripping story depicted in West South Central California and focused on two notorious gangs. The King Crips and the Vernon Boy Crips are rivals in their pursuit of controlling coke distribution in the Crenshaw District.”

“Carter, a member of the Vernon Boy Crips is returning home from doing prison time at Pelican Bay. He is on a mission to shake up the competition and become the number one man on top of the game."

“Johnt`e is Carter’s younger brother who has big dreams of becoming a professional ball player. His goal is to seek a life far removed from what has surrounded his current existence. He fully understands after loosing his father in a drug deal gone wrong that this life leads to jail or six feet under.”

“Unfortunately, Johnt`e is caught in a life altering situation that quickly unfolds veiled agendas by those who have set a plan in motion that endangers the lives of many.”

“Carter devises a plan to capture and rule the coke trade with help from his mentor, Wolf who remains behind bars. Wolf is tied deep into the game and provides detailed instructions to Carter on how to master the ultimate takeover.”

Streetz Gon' Cry exposes hidden deals and betrayals in a business where loyalty is expected, often questioned and almost always compromised. It is a gritty tale that paints a realistic picture of the inner workings of a game that is deadly.”

- - Connie Williams, B2M Book Reviewer 

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Friday, May 02 2014

Defending A King ~ His Life & Legacy is an eye opening read that reveals the soul of a man, that gave to the world all he had to give; though it appears the world was not yet ready to accept his kind and gentle spirit.”

“Dr. Karen Moriarty utilizes her clinical license in psychology to analyze the life and legacy of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Exposing the length in which the media along with questionable journalism attempted to destroy the vast accomplishments of this mega star that will go down in history as one of the best artists of all time.”

“The book highlights the many misconceptions and some out right lies spread as truths to the world for profit and fame. Perhaps it was this assault on Michael Jackson’s character that contributed to his bout with insomnia. Which ultimately drove him in desperation, seeking sleep by means that lead to his untimely death.”

Defending A King ~ His Life & Legacy sheds light on Michael Jackson, the man, loving father, musical genius, and consummate performer. Revealing his loving and kind heart for all mankind. Which is evidenced by his philanthropy to causes that benefited children and the down trodden. He also used his platform to affect awareness about saving the planet.”

“This page-turner in essence fills in the gaps about the last few years of Michael’s life. Disclosing his preparations for what would have been the ultimate thriller, for his fans to once again see him grace the stage.”

“Dr. Moriarty has penned an insightful must read for all intrigued by this phenomenon. Giving voice to the man that was so misunderstood, yet loved by so many.”  

- - Patricia Woods, B2M Editor

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Friday, May 02 2014

Bad Apple In The Big Apple is an exciting read that draws readers into this suspense filled drama. Guaranteed to keep you deeply immersed until the very end.”

“This sequel to the equally intriguing novel, Fully Involved takes readers inside the lives of the firefighting Jacksons. The Jackson men have followed the family tradition of choosing a career in Firefighting. It is a career path that has placed both men in the center of a criminal investigation.”

“Retired Arson Chief James Jackson decides to visit New York in commemoration of the tenth anniversary of 9/11. He invites his grandson, Fire Captain Nick Jackson to come along on the trip. In hopes of spending some bonding time together. Unfortunately, Nick is unable to accompany his grandfather due to a case he is trying to solve.”

“In the mist of Chief Jackson enjoying this time with his wife they encounter someone from their past that eventually puts their lives in danger. During the same time, Nick and his wife are caught up in a kidnapping that puts the life of a young child in danger.”

“An old nemesis reappears and secrets are revealed that are explosive and could very well change the lives of many.” 

“This riveting novel will have readers eagerly anticipating how this story unfolds.”

- - B2M Book Reviewer 

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Friday, May 02 2014

"Steven Manchester does a remarkable job penning The Rockin' Chair. It is an outstanding read."

"John & Alice McCarthy are husband and wife and are at a pivotal point in their marriage. Alice has Alzheimer's disease that is rapidly taking over their lives. This poignant look inside the McCarthy family exposes truths that are all too familiar to most of us. Revealing heartbreak, faith, loss and love."

"The McCarthy's have one child, Hank, whom over the years has been distant with his family. His wife Elle has been essential in helping Grandpa John care for his wife as the reality of it all is becoming overwhelming."

"As Alice's health continues to decline, John makes the decision to ask that the family come home to share the final days with their Grandmother."

"The grandkids, George, Evan, and Tara are in the mist of dealing with their own life challenges, but are eventually grateful for the wisdom imparted from Grandpa John."

"The Rockin' Chair presents a great story of a family surviving a tremendous loss and ultimately learning to heal old wounds. Demonstrating the power of forgiveness that we should all take heed to."

"Manchester is superb, pulling readers into this compelling read. Making one feel connected to the events unfolding in this page turning novel that is completely engaging."

- - Patricia Woods, B2M Editor

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Friday, May 02 2014

Starting Over is a candid look inside the life of La Toya Jackson. She courageously reveals her difficult marriage to Jack Gordon. A man that physically and mentally abused her for many years. Inflicting a life of pain, manipulation and threats against those she loved. It would be years before La Toya would muster the strength to fight back and take charge over her life.”

Starting Over is an empowering read that is raw and filled with emotion. This is evident with the author’s disclosure of the events that lead up to the death of her beloved brother, Michael Jackson.”

“La Toya stands firm in her belief that Michaels’ death was intentional and that there are many parties tied to what transpired in the destruction of The King of Pop.” 

“This fascinating read embraces the notion of starting over and picking up the pieces of your life. Fostering the understanding that setbacks may occur, but with determination and perseverance one can overcome difficult challenges.”

- - Patricia Woods, B2M Editor

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Friday, May 02 2014

Sleepless Nights is a compelling page turner that’s filled with drama and suspense that will take readers right to the edge as secrets are revealed and a heinous crime is solved.” 

“Attorney Drew Smith is hired to defend a young man who is believed to be involved in the vicious murder of three people due to a robbery. During the course of the investigation, Drew uncovers hidden secrets that make the defense of his client even more challenging.”

“In the mist of it all he is seeking help from a therapist to resolve reoccurring nightmares that are hunting him. In addition, he is involved in a relationship with an exotic dancer that could be deadly.”

Sleepless Nights offers intriguing characters, some shady and others worthy of redemption.” 

- - Patricia Woods, B2M Editor

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Friday, May 02 2014

Prepared is absolutely a must read for those who are seeking motivation, wisdom and insight on how to be prepared for the challenges that life may throw at you. It is an honest and thoughtful read about achieving and maintaining ones focus on what is important in life.”

“Reggie uses his own personal lessons to demonstrate the importance of paying attention and obtaining a willingness to do what is necessary to reach the goals that you set for your life. There will be distractions and deterrents, but you must learn to remain diligent.”

“Reggie masterfully reveals wonderful tips on how to be prepared through spiritual analysis and the art of football. Thereby embracing a tactic to appeal to readers in a fashion that will educate, empower, and enlighten them on their path to living a productive and prosperous existence.”

“Reggie clearly has tapped into a method in his writing that will gain the attention of readers and provide a much-needed conversation to encourage everyone to make the required preparation to set the path for success.” 

- - Patricia Woods, B2M Editor

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Friday, May 02 2014

"Jackson Harris' debut novel is an interesting read. This incredibly moving story offers suspense and intrigue that will keep your full attention. It reveals the passion and dedication the Jackson family had for their profession. And demonstrates the love of family and the challenges they endure when tragedy strikes."

"Fully Involved tells the story of three generations of Atlanta firefighters in the Jackson family. It uncovers the tragic death of David Jackson, the son of the retired Arson Chief, James Jackson. Exposing many unanswered questions in the tumultuous events that lead to a fire that ultimately claimed his life."

"David's wife Peggy gave birth to their son Nick, on the same faithful day that she lost the love of her life. Unable to cope with the tragic situation, Peggy turned to drugs and struggled with her addiction for many years."

"James and his wife stepped up to raise their grandson, Nick, and he eventually followed the same path and becomes the Captain at the same station his father and grandfather worked at."

"Nick's curiosity about the events that led to his father's death compels him to resume the investigation. He soon becomes suspicious that his grandfather, James Jackson is withholding important information that could determine if his father's death was an accident or a homicide."

"What Nick learns will unearth dark secrets that will threaten lives and cause others to face potential criminal charges." 

- - Patricia Woods, B2M Editor

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Friday, May 02 2014

“Twenty-one years ago Zaria Ali married Ned, her high school sweetheart. She thought her marriage and life was fine until she learned of her husband’s infidelity. Zaria was devastated when Ned left her to be with a younger woman.”

“Now their daughters, Neema and Meena are in college living on their own and Zaria finds herself ready to move on with her life. She feels that she missed out on a lot after getting married at eighteen and being forced to become an adult.”

“Her best friends, Hope and Chanci offer her support as she attempts to take charge of her independence. Zaria takes on a new career as a bartender. Soon after she meets Kaleb Strong an attractive younger man. The chemistry between them is explosive, but will it be lasting. Kaleb’s age may become a deal breaker when it comes to getting Zaria to commit fully to a life together.”

“Niobia Bryant enthralls readers once again with her ability to create stories that are relatable and intriguing. The Hot Spot delivers unabashed passion that heats up the pages of this unforgettable story.”

- - Patricia Woods, B2M Editor

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Friday, May 02 2014

“Readers will become All Caught Up with this incredible tale that will capture your heart.”

“Jasmine Craft is in the matchmaking business and finds herself assisting her new client, the handsome successful author, Robert Rankin, who at best challenges her ability to find the perfect match for him.”

“Jasmine thinks she has found the perfect date but at the last minute she has to step in literally. They are both pleasantly surprised by the immediate attraction, and decide to see where it leads.”

“As the relationship evolves a mysterious burglary occurs that leads to a big reveal that ultimately disrupts their exciting existence together. Secrets are revealed, jealousy exposed, and a painful past could potentially derail their love.”

“An engaging romantic read that is formed with appealing characters and real emotion."

- - Patricia Woods, B2M Editor

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Friday, May 02 2014

Confessions is a transfixing page-turner that delivers action, passion, drama and suspense through out the pages of this exciting novel.”

“Radio host, Nikki Truth spends her nights focused on her listeners as they share their secret confessions about love and relationships. Nikki is quick to give straight talk, sparring no punches. Unfortunately she fails to take her own advice when it comes to her troubled marriage to Donovan. She hasn’t talked with her husband since he began his deployment in Iraq. Their marriage has been crumbling since the death of their daughter.”

“After not hearing from Donovan for months, Nikki deems her marriage over and finds a new love interest in Kenyon. Going against the advice of her friend, Trinette, she becomes involved in a relationship that causes more turmoil then she could ever imagine.” 

“When Donovan returns home from Iraq, Nikki discovers that she made a mistake and decides to give her marriage a second chance. But Kenyon is not having it, and goes to the extreme in his attempt to keep the woman he loves.”

“Drama and more drama is revealed as Sasha Campbell does an amazing job penning a novel that will have you anxiously anticipating how this astounding story will end.”  

- - Patricia Woods, B2M Editor

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Friday, May 02 2014

“In God Ain’t Through Yet, the author picks up with good friends Annette Goode Davis and Rhoda O’Toole from her God Series, which began with her novel, God Don’t Like Ugly. This is an exciting series based on the intriguing lives of two astounding women. Filled with drama and plenty of life lessons along the way.”

“Both women are about to endure some life challenging events that could very well destroy life as they know it.”

“Annette’s world comes crashing down when her husband, Pee Wee announces he’s leaving her for another woman. Which happens to be the same woman she convinced him to hire to work at his barbershop.”

“Rhoda’s life begins to disintegrate when her daughter Jade returns home married to Vernie and causing havoc at every turn.”

"The outrageous characters in this entertaining novel will hold your full attention as you eagerly wait to see how this story unfolds.” 

- - Patricia Woods, B2M Editor

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Friday, May 02 2014

“Mary B. Morrison once again mesmerizes readers with her latest installment of the Soulmates Dissipate Series: Darius Jones.”

“Darius Jones is living his dreams as a star basketball player with his loving wife, Fancy and his son D.J., that is until a horrific accident nearly destroys everything he has accomplished.”

“Drama is unleashed, with Fancy fighting for her life and Darius trying to figure out the culprit that caused the accident.”

“His mother, Jada tries to be there for her son as much as possible. But she’s dealing with her own fight, trying to hold onto her marriage to Grant Hill. Her husband has just discovered that he is the father of twins by a woman from his past. To make matters worst the babies are kidnapped and Jada becomes a prime suspect.”

“As this intriguing story unfolds, Darius finds himself falling into old habits and getting caught up with two mentally challenged women that may seal his fate forever.”

Darius Jones is a thrilling read filled to the brim with excitement and drama to the very last drop.”

- - Patricia Woods, B2M Editor

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Friday, May 02 2014

"Wretched Saints is a reality check that brings to life many trials and tribulations that people face, that demonstrates how one bad decision can lead to a path of destruction.”

“It is a gripping compilation of spiritual short stories that exposes life’s pitfalls into a perpetual abyss of turmoil, that can only be alleviated through a sincere willingness to repent and honestly seek help from God.”

“This amazing read provokes deep thought and reflection. Encouraging readers to objectively evaluate their lives and make the ultimate decision to overcome spiritual deficits and embrace the journey of spiritual growth.”

“Marc Lacy and Assuanta Fay Howard have penned a powerful read that dares to challenge its readers to pose the question…Are You A Wretched Saint? Open the covers and see.”

- - Patricia Woods, B2M Editor

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Friday, May 02 2014

 Souls of My Young Sisters is an enlightening read. Filled with inspirational stories of young women overcoming challenging obstacles. It captures a diverse genre of women displaying amazing courage as they reveal their adversities and triumphs with the hope of offering hope to others.” 

“Young women of today are dealing with so many hurdles that could ultimately take them down a path of destruction. Having the opportunity to read these interesting stories could very well offer them some direction as they travel down the often taxing maze of life.”

“Souls of My Young Sisters is a highly recommended read to all who are in need of wise words as they strive in the journey of life.”

- -Patricia Woods, B2M Editor

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Friday, May 02 2014

“Visible Lives, Three Stories In Tribute To E. Lynn Harris is an incredible read that does an outstanding job rendering three amazing novellas, illustrating a remarkable homage to the late and great E. Lynn Harris.”

“In House of John, Jesse Templeton a freelance photographer takes a trip to Santo Domingo to get over his recent break up with his boyfriend Sean. He ends up meeting and falling for the devastatingly handsome E`tie.”

“In the second novella, The Intern, Chase Kennedy a successful television executive finds himself attracted to his intern, Quincy Thornberry. Quincy is a star basketball player and college student interning for the summer. Chase and Quincy embrace their attraction and are eventually blind sighted by a past relationship that could ultimately challenge their relationship.”

“Lastly, in Is It Still Jood To Ya?, actor Raheim Rivers is eagerly anticipating reuniting with his past love, Mitchell Crawford. A summer blackout in New York, strands them together and forces them to be honest and confront issues that are threatening their relationship.”

“Visible Lives depicts three enticing stories that compliments E. Lynn Harris’ exclusive signature style.”

- - Patricia Woods, B2M Editor

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Friday, May 02 2014

Torn Between Two Lovers is a stirring read. It is a story embedded with love, lust, devastating secrets and overwhelming deception.”

“Loraine Farrow is a successful woman who is renewing her marriage to her husband Leon. She is determined to focus on truly giving her marriage a chance. So she decides to end her affair with Michael. However, she discovers that honoring her vows is going to be more challenging than she expected.”

“Leon is seeking therapy to resolve some difficult issues that are playing a significant role in the destruction of his relationship with Loraine. He is beginning to uncover some things from his past that have the potential to ultimately destroy his future.”

“Michael is against ending his affair with Loraine. So he does everything possible to get her back. He eventually stumbles upon a dark secret about Leon. A secret so calamitous, that it may destroy Leon’s marriage. Now, Michael must decide if he will keep this secret to protect the one he loves or should he reveal this earth shattering news that is guaranteed to break Loraine’s heart.”

“A deliciously scandalous read that will keep you fully entertained.”

- - Patricia Woods, B2M Editor

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Friday, May 02 2014

Blessed Therapy: A True Story is a remarkable read that will pull at your heart strings. The author, Jennifer Cheniere Dixon Wilford courageously shares the devastating loss of both of her parents. A loss so profound that it would forever change the lifestyle she once embraced.”

“Wilford describes the life she shared with her mother and father and how these two individuals impacted her life. Readers will be able to feel the love woven through out the pages of this compelling book, revealing a daughter who adored her parents and who was loved by them unconditionally.”

“Wilford comes to term with this unimaginable loss and realizes that her life must change. She literally walks away from the life she was living and starts a journey towards healing.”

“Blessed Therapy, is a must read. This story is unforgettable and will encourage readers to reevaluate their lives and seek inner peace.”

- - Patricia Woods, B2M Editor

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Friday, May 02 2014

“Detective Hanae Troop is once again on the trail to catch The Paradox, the infamous serial killer who appears to be after ex-members of the Strictly Business drug crew.”

“The Paradox is killing everyone in his path as he searches for his main targets, Teco Jackson and Gail Que. The Paradox is completely delusional and determined to taunt Detective Troop with a deadly game orchestrated to set the ultimate trap.”

“The hunt to capture The Paradox crosses state lines and leads Detective Troop and other officers to Atlanta, Georgia, where the missing pieces to the perplexed puzzle begins to unfold. Now, Detective Troop must work with Atlanta Detective Paul Yeomans to take down the killer before it is too late.”

The Street Life Series: Is It Rags Or Riches is an amazing read filled with action and unexpected twists at every turn. The author, Kevin M. Weeks does a masterful job with the third installment to The Street Life Series. Readers will be anxiously waiting for the follow up to see what happens next.” 

- - Patricia Woods, B2M Editor

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Friday, May 02 2014

A Second Helping is a charming story filled with intriguing characters. This remarkable book captures the lives of ordinary yet witty characters in the mist of rebuilding a town that has been long overlooked.”

“Bernadine Brown, who is newly divorced with a settlement that is in the millions moves to the town of Henry Adams to begin a new life. She falls in love with this historic community and the potential that she sees in it and decides to invest in the future of the township.”

“Bernadine is also dedicated to the five foster children whom she helped find new homes with her friends in the community. She is indeed a heroine as she finds stable homes for all of the children who have each endured difficult home lives.”

‘Just when Bernadine thinks everything is falling into place with a potential new love interest, her ex husband is back in the picture, trying to win her back. In addition to that there is a fugitive on the run with a pet pig, a new teacher in town with a troubled son and a host of other issues that keeps life in Henry Adams interesting and never boring.”

“This is a must read. A fantastic story that is unforgettable.” 

- - Karmi Ray, B2M Book Reviewer

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Friday, May 02 2014

Message From A Mistress is a page turner. This novel is packed with unbelievable drama that will capture readers from page one. Reeling you in as this incredible story unfolds.”

“Four friends, Jaime, Renee, Aria, and Jessa have been close for a longtime. They have endured a lot together. However, things change when the ladies receive a text message from Jessa. She has been secretly having an affair with one of their husbands. Jessa neglects revealing the identity of the husband she is cheating with. This immediately puts Jaime, Renee and Aria on a quest to determine whose husband is in fact the culprit.”

“Each woman wonders if their marriage is crumbling due to something they may have done. Could it be a past infidelity, pursuing a career over fulfilling wifely duties or revenge from a friend due to a competitive relationship? All three women try to support one another as they try to uncover who the unfaithful husband is.”

“Message From A Mistress will keep your full attention as secrets are exposed, and relationships altered by revelations that will ultimately change life as they once knew.”

“Niobia Bryant does an outstanding job crafting a novel that thoroughly engrosses the reader into this tumultuous set of drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat.”

- - Patricia Woods, B2M Editor 

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Friday, May 02 2014

Unzipped is a hard hitting, edgy, urban tale that reveals a plot of revenge beyond imagination.”

“Pearl Baines and her twin sister, Diamond are caught up in the dangerous world of the most notorious ballers of New York City.” Their father, ex-gangsta Irish Baines, has turned his life around and is now trying to save the lives of young men from taking the wrong path.”

“At an early age both sisters become heavily involved in the glamour and glitz of the street life. They both become teen mothers and lose their connection due to a betrayal that undermines their family bond.”

“Pearl leaves town and seeks a career as an FBI agent, and Diamond continues life on the streets becoming addicted to drugs and willing to do whatever to supply her habit.”

Irish tries to save his daughter from this madness and ends up losing his life as well as the lives of his wife and grandchildren in a horrific tragedy set in motion by his archenemy, the ruthless, Mookie Mason.”

“Now, Pearl is on a mission to seek retribution for the deaths of her family. Willing and able to wreck havoc and torture to all parties involved. With some help from Menace, a past love, who once broke her heart, she meticulously puts a plan in motion that may very well put her own life in jeopardy.” 

“Grimy, raw, and riveting, adequately depicts Unzipped.”

- - Patricia Woods, B2M Editor

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Friday, May 02 2014

The Real Thing is a charming love story that will truly warm your heart. It is an engaging story that will remind readers how love can find you at the most improbable time, during the most interesting set of circumstances.”

“Christiana Artis, a reporter for Personality Magazine is sent on an assignment to interview former boxing champion, Dante “Blood and Guts” Lattanza, for the upcoming feature as one of the “Sexiest Men Alive.” Dante is making a comeback to the boxing ring in hopes of winning back the love of his ex-wife and to prove that he can still win a championship after losing a fight ten years ago.”

“Christiana must travel to Dante’s home in Canada and persuade him to agree to the interview, which is difficult since he has become a recluse. Dante’s handsome Italian looks and physique immediately grabs Christiana's attention. But his icy personality is less then desirable. He eventually agrees to answer five questions if she performs five tasks. Of course she agrees, and it is during this time that an unexpected chemistry begins to build between them.”

“A surprise visit from his ex-wife interrupts what they are exploring, and leaves Christiana unsure about his feelings for her. She wants to fight for the love of a man she just met, but realizes he may be fighting for the love of someone else.” 

“The author, J. J. Murray once again takes his readers on an amazing journey demonstrating the true essence of love in all its complexities.” 

- - Patricia Woods, B2M Editor

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Friday, May 02 2014

"The Nightingale Call is an amazing story that is full of suspense and drama, revealing an elaborate conspiracy in the corporate world."

"Gregory McGregor is an investment banker at Harrison, Harrison & Greene. A firm that has questionable business tactics that goes back many years. Gregory becomes caught up in a dangerous plot that could cost him his life. He calls on the aid of his college friends but ends up putting them in the line of danger."

"As the story unfolds undeniable corruption is discovered and it all appears to be linked to Harrison, Harrison & Greene. This intriguing story takes an interesting look inside corruption at its worst."

- - Brandi Bell, B2M Editor 

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Friday, May 02 2014

"The sensational novel Slow Burn is completely engaging from the very first page. Readers will be drawn into this exciting book as the author pens a novel that delivers a dynamic story that will have your emotions reaching every gamut."

"A powerful and endearing love develops between Serafina and Khalil. Their love is unexpected and totally unconventional from the very first time they meet. This love is tested when a tragic accident jeopardizes their future together."

"Jeremy is Serafina's ex-boyfriend who finally realizes what he lost when their relationship ended. Now it appears to be too late or will he get a chance with the woman he now realizes he loves?"

"Ayzha is Serafina's girlfriend who is stuck in an unhappy marriage. Ayzha meets a handsome man who seems to be the answer to her problems or will he bring more drama to her life?"

`This is absolutely a terrific story that you simply will not forget."

- - Karmi Ray, B2M Book Reviewer


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Friday, May 02 2014

"Angela Caligone's second novel A Mother's Love Continues is the sequel to A Mother's Love. In her debuted novel, the author courageously shared her difficult childhood, vividly describing the heartache and pain that no child should ever have to suffer."

"In the sequel, Angela takes her story a step further, by allowing us to partake in her journey of self discovery and motivating those of us who have our own troubled past, to learn to forgive and move forward in life in order to become the individuals we were all predestined to be."

"This is an incredible read that will inspire all. The words in the book are so heart felt, that readers will actually feel the love that this amazing author beholds, for there lies a spirit of an angel who is spiritually grounded in her faith an willing to use her talents and gifts to glorify God."

- - Patricia Woods, B2M Editor 

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Friday, May 02 2014

"Stress Climbing Out of Its Pits With God is a an empowering must read that will transform your way of thinking."

"It is a very candid analysis of the true pitfalls of allowing stress to destroy and entrap us in a vicious cycle of regression."

"This outstanding book depicts stress and its impact from a broad standpoint. Exploring the veil attempts we use as distractions to avoid dealing with the issues that are really eating at our ability to move forward in our lives."

"Stress is an eye-opening book that meticulously demonstrates how people in pain too often feel that the way to handle stress is to avoid it by using alcohol, gambling, sex, drugs, pornography and much more."

"Dr. Haymon with great precision dissects stress, offers his diagnosis and prescribes a large dose of healing through the ultimate healer, God."

"This revealing book will force readers who are enduring stress to take the blinders off and truly look at their lives. To ultimately make a decision about the path they want to continue on. Do they want to prolong the distractions causing more damage, or do they want help from the only one who truly has the power to help you overcome stress and climb out of its pits."

- - Patricia Woods, B2M Editor 

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Friday, May 02 2014

" How To Raise Your Daughter Without Reading A Book - One Dad's Rules To Live By is a father's wonderful challenge to encourage parents to be actively present in the lives of their children. To savor every moment as an awesome opportunity to instill values and principles to ensure that your child will have the fundamental tools needed to be successful in life." 

"The author, Christopher L. Hoyt provides 26 Rules To Live By through the use of short stories and examples for readers to consider or follow." A few standout rules are: 

§ Choose to be a positive influence early in a child's life. That choice will yield positive results for both you and the child in the years ahead. 

§ Look your child in the eyes now. They will look up to you forever. 

§ Always encourage imagination. When they're older nothing will seem impossible. 

§ Keep your promises. Children have better memories than you. 

"How To Raise Your Daughter Without Reading A Book - One Dad's Rules To Live By is an inspiring read for all who are blessed with the responsibility of raising children. Providing essential keys to empower children through action and deed. Illustrating a great map, directing an amazing journey towards establishing and maintaining a bond with your child that will last a lifetime."

- - Patricia Woods, B2M Editor 

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Friday, May 02 2014

"In Due Time is a compelling read that will completely capture readers, The author, Walter L. Frazier Jr., does an outstanding job depicting this must read novel. He has orchestrated a great story dealing with the complexities encountered in love and relationships."

"In this interesting read Mark Anthony sets out to build a life for himself. He hits a few stumbling blocks but manages to fulfill his dreams. Just when everything is going his way, demons from his past resurface and have the potential to destroy everything he has worked so hard to accomplish."

"Will Mark surrender to his past or will he stand up to the challenge?"

"This is truly a novel you don't want to miss."

- - Patricia Woods, B2M Editor

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Friday, May 02 2014

"Sins Of The Father is absolutely riveting. This compelling novel is powerful and engaging from beginning to end. It is a story of redemption that depicts how secrets destroy trust and devastates lives." 

"Abraham Martin is a wealthy man who has made his fortune as a media mogul. After leading a highly successful life he decides to reveal a secret that ultimately shatters his marriage to his socialite wife, Saralyn and strains his relationship with their son Isaac."

"For thirty years, Abraham chose to hide the fact that he has two other children with Leah Thomas, a woman from his past. His conscious gets the best of him and he decides to do what is right. He now wants His daughter Deborah and his other son, Michael to come aboard and work at the family business."

Deborah is somewhat hopeful for the opportunity to establish a relationship with her father. However, Michael holds contempt for the man who abandoned them and is out for revenge at any cost."

"Abraham suffers a health crisis and this challenges the family to make some difficult choices. They must decide what is more important, the sins of a father or that a father acknowledges his mistake and tries to make amends before it is too late."

- - Patricia Woods, B2M Editor

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Friday, May 02 2014

"A Natural Woman is a moving story that will have you rooting for a happy ending. The author has crafted a fast paced read that will pull on your heartstrings with the interesting characters portrayed in this engaging read."

 "Aliesha Eaton is a professor at Wells. She is a strong, intelligent and beautiful dark-skinned woman who wears her hair in its natural state. Aliesha is in search of a barber who can handle her natural, unchemically-treated hair. Thus, enters Dante, a gorgeous, laid back brother, who happens to be a barber with magical skills. He has a love for old school music and a peculiar habit of reading and collecting one particular book. Sparks fly and an immediate attraction is felt, however Aliesha nor Dante or willing to admit that something is brewing between them." 

"Aliesha already has a boyfriend and Dante is involved with a woman from his past that he just can't seem to shake. The question is.will the strong feelings developing between them be enough for Dante and Aliesha to leave their past behind and pursue a future together?" 

"This is an enticing read that will have your emotions running wild."

- - Brandi Bell, B2M Editor

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Friday, May 02 2014

"Gabrielle Mercedes is a gifted dancer, who dreamed of becoming a dancer when she was a little girl. Due to a tragedy, Gabrielle went to live with her Aunt and Uncle who were abusive and took advantage of her at every turn. The only happiness she experienced was during the time when she was hired to clean the house of the next-door neighbor. It is then that a sweet woman began to impact her life and nurture her gift of dance."

"Gabrielle is eventually put out of her Aunt and Uncle's home and forced into a life that generates a great income but brings about shame and other feelings that influence her self-esteem and spirit. She then decides to make a change and joins the Jesus Faith Worship Center and becomes a member of the dance ministry. It is there that she meets Zachary Wayne Morgan, a handsome successful man who becomes smitten with her."

" Though their childhoods are dramatically different, together they share a surprising connection. Will that connection be enough for them to withstand a secret past that could ultimately destroy the life Gabrielle has created for herself?"

"Goodness and Mercy demonstrates how life has a way of throwing a few stumbling blocks at you that can either destroy you are make you stronger. This is an incredible story that will draw readers in from the first page to the very end."

- - Brandi Bell, B2M Editor

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Friday, May 02 2014

"Lace and Honor is a gripping story about three friends who work at Delta Company 32nd Combat Support Hospital in Fort Bradley Maryland. This remarkable story provides a glimpse inside the life of soldiers, revealing their issues with love, family and their dedication and commitment to serve their country."

 "Sergeant Kayla Perry joins the army with hopes of furthering her education in Nursing School. She is very focused and determined not to let anything get in her way. Including any potential relationship that could prevent her from fulfilling her dreams. Until Sergeant Paul Lake enters her life and everything changes."

"Specialist Melissa Poe has two weeks before her release from the army. She's currently dating Randall, and their relationship has hit a few bumps. She's anxious to move forward with her release from duty to attend Penn State in the fall. Unfortunately, her plans are changed and her rocky relationship with Randall becomes more than she wants to handle."

"Elizabeth Shupe is married and expecting a baby when her husband Timothy is deployed to Iraq. There is concern with her pregnancy since she has suffered a miscarriage in the past."

"All of their lives are intertwined as they face potential deployment and deal with their personal challenges that will define their futures."

- - Patricia Woods, B2M Editor 

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Friday, May 02 2014

"Brotherly Love & Betrayal is a page turner that reveals an intriguing story about love, forgiveness and new beginnings."

"Crystal Moore and her husband Donnie have been married for ten years. Unfortunately their marriage has hit a rough patch and Crystal is unsure on how she should proceed to get them back on track."

"Crystal is sent by Donnie on a business trip with her husband's brother Stephen. Crystal and Stephen have always been friends and this trip opens some doors that could literally destroy their lives and marriages when their feelings get out of control."

"Secrets have away of revealing themselves and when the full truth comes out lives will be forever changed."

- - S. Wynters, B2M Book Reviewer


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Friday, May 02 2014

"A captivating story is told in West Coast Lady by D. L. Carroll. Presenting one woman's life journey to a positive existence of tranquility and prosperity." 

"West Coast Lady unfolds the difficult life of Annabelle. A woman who suffered through a difficult childhood that exposed her to violence and substance abuse. Annabelle's innocence was stolen and she was forced to endure things that could have destroyed her. However, she became a survivor and some how managed to salvage her life and fulfill her dreams." 

"This is a powerful stirring read that will serve as a great inspiration to those who struggle to overcome life adversities."

- - S. Wynters, B2M Book Reviewer 

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Friday, May 02 2014

"Buzzard Love: A Detour On The Road To Psychic Stardom is an exciting read that will surprise you." 

"Josie Wallgood decides to become a psychic thinking this will be the answer to her money problems. A wealthy heiress seeks her help and becomes a victim in a plot that Josie and her friend Cain Reeves set up in order to steal her fortune." 

"The tables are eventually turned as the predictions Madame Josephina provides to her client becomes true and a mystery from the past is unraveled." 

"This is an interesting story with a great twist that will have you anticipating what will happen next." 


- - Karmi Ray, B2M Book Reviewer 

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Friday, May 02 2014

"Heath Street Stories is a great look back at a time where life was much simpler. The author Gehla S. Knight does a wonderful job telling this humorous story that will take readers down memory lane." 

"This is a story that will fill readers with laughter as one family makes a transition from a mountain cabin located in Oregon to Suburban America." 

"The dialogue is delightful and the descriptions and details are definitely reminiscent of the 1950's." 

"The author does a superb job delivering an insightful read with interesting characters showing what America was once like." 


- - S. Wynters, B2M Book Reviewer 

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Friday, May 02 2014

"Unscrambled Eggs is a thought-provoking collection of poetry that deals with everyday life experiences." 

"The author Nadia Brown dares to share the depth of her thoughts as an opportunity to encourage and empower readers to live your dreams and find your purpose in life."
- - S. Wynters, B2M Book Reviewer 
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Friday, May 02 2014

"The Choice delivers a charming love story that serves as an answer to those who question can people in fact fall in love at first sight. The Choice by far answers this question leaving no doubts to ponder." 

"Travis Parker and Gabby Holland's first encounter ignites sparks between them that is the beginning of an amazing love story that leads them on a journey neither of them anticipated." 

"Travis a laid-back Veterinarian and Gabby a strong willed Physician Assistant meet one weekend and fall in love. After several years of a happy marriage and two children later a tragic accident occurs that renders the Parker family in a state of emotional turmoil as their peaceful life is altered forcing one of them to make a difficult choice." 

"This story captures the true essence of a love that endures a gut-wrenching choice that no one should have to make." 

- - Patricia D. Woods, B2M Editor  

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Friday, May 02 2014

"The intriguing novel 7 Days by Sammie Ward delivers a page turning read about murder and suspense exposing political life and the shadiness that can be found."

"There are only seven days until Lieutenant Colonel Victor Sexton's retirement from the Army Criminal Investigation Division becomes official. His dreams about living a simple life are about o become a reality. He's looking forward to beginning the second phase of his life. Unfortunately a series of events changes his plans. "

"First of all a previous acquaintance re-enters his life and several murders occur which draws him into an investigation that uncovers information that forces Victor to question the motives of those whom he thought he could trust."

"Sammie Ward does a remarkable job pulling readers into this dynamic story full of dirty deals, infidelity, and hidden agendas. Ward's ability to capture the reader with her well developed characters will keep your eyes glued to the pages of this compelling story."

- - Karmi Ray, B2M Book Reviewer 

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Friday, May 02 2014

"Rock & Fire: Love Poetry From The Core is candid, intimate and intuitive. Marc Lacy's powerful usage of verse instigates real thought from a deep viewpoint."

"Rock & Fire offers a mature take on love in all of its forms. Acknowledging the ups and downs with text that is edgy and alluring, utterly engaging readers from beginning to end."

"This prose is meaningful and passionate, as the author skillfully uses poetry to revitalize your mind, body and spirit."

- - Patricia Woods, B2M Editor

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Friday, May 02 2014

"Only You is an exciting romance novel that will warm the hearts of readers who enjoy a good love story."

"Sierra Grayson's line of work as a real estate broker leads her to a job opportunity with billionaire real estate mogul Blade Navarone. A chemistry develops between the two that stirs emotions neither expected. Sierra quickly realizes that Blade is the one her heart desires. Although he is smitten with this beautiful woman, Blade on the other hand feels that he is unable to commit to a long term relationship because of his tragic past."

"As their feelings become stronger, will love win out in the end or will an unexpected situation destroy any happy future they could have in store?"

"Francis Ray does a remarkable job capturing the emotion and turmoil depicted in this sensational novel."

- - Karmi Ray, B2M Book Reviewer

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Friday, May 02 2014

"Never As Good As The First Time is a fascinating novel that contains a harrowing story of one woman's deep decent in a debilitating addiction that utterly destroys life as she once knew."

"Samai Collins' life takes a drastic turn soon after her divorce. Her loneliness leads her in a relationship with a man from her past that ultimately jeopardizes her family and future." Samai becomes so heavily addicted to drugs that she neglects her three children, and begins to distance herself from her family, friends and her church. It is only when she finds herself crawling in the depths of her addiction after several attempts to refrain from using drugs that she is forced down a path that will either lead her to death or deliverance."

"Readers will no doubt have a hard time putting this intriguing book down."

- - Patricia Woods, B2M Editor

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Thursday, May 01 2014

The Robbin Hoods is a riveting read that presents great insight into the minds of those who hunger for the good life, and partake in a life of crime to fulfill their dreams.”

“Chance, a young man from Brooklyn is forced to grow up quick. His father was murdered while serving time in prison. His mother, Vonetta is addicted to drugs and he has a brother and sister depending on him for survival.”

“Vonetta decides to move Chance and his siblings to the suburbs in New Jersey in search of a better life. The disparity in their lives compared to their neighbors sparks an idea that eventually sets Chance down a destructive path.”

“Eager to make money fast, Chance forms a crew and they become burglars. What starts as a few robberies in suburban areas turns into a full enterprise. They decide to rob from those who they consider rich and use the proceeds to finance a life in luxury.”

“They frequently run into complications. There are arrests and quick escapes and a few who lose their lives. This lifestyle comes with a price. Will Chance get out before it’s too late and the price is too steep?”

The Robbin Hoods offers a great message to encourage all to work honestly to achieve your dreams. It also demonstrates that negative actions produce consequences.”

- - B2M Book Reviewer
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Thursday, May 01 2014

Game On is an amazing read that offers inspiring words of wisdom to motivate all to get their game on and live their best lives.”

“Emmitt Smith uses his life lessons and unshakeable faith to present principles to assist others in finding their true purpose and the audacity to vigorously pursue their dreams whole-heartily.”

Game On encourages readers to take a leap, invest in your dreams and understand that the power to fulfill your true calling lies within you…so embrace it.”

- - B2M Book Reviewer

Tyndale House Publishers provided a complimentary copy for review.

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