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Friday, May 02 2014

Torn Between Two Lovers is a stirring read. It is a story embedded with love, lust, devastating secrets and overwhelming deception.”

“Loraine Farrow is a successful woman who is renewing her marriage to her husband Leon. She is determined to focus on truly giving her marriage a chance. So she decides to end her affair with Michael. However, she discovers that honoring her vows is going to be more challenging than she expected.”

“Leon is seeking therapy to resolve some difficult issues that are playing a significant role in the destruction of his relationship with Loraine. He is beginning to uncover some things from his past that have the potential to ultimately destroy his future.”

“Michael is against ending his affair with Loraine. So he does everything possible to get her back. He eventually stumbles upon a dark secret about Leon. A secret so calamitous, that it may destroy Leon’s marriage. Now, Michael must decide if he will keep this secret to protect the one he loves or should he reveal this earth shattering news that is guaranteed to break Loraine’s heart.”

“A deliciously scandalous read that will keep you fully entertained.”

- - Patricia Woods, B2M Editor

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