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Friday, May 02 2014

"Stress Climbing Out of Its Pits With God is a an empowering must read that will transform your way of thinking."

"It is a very candid analysis of the true pitfalls of allowing stress to destroy and entrap us in a vicious cycle of regression."

"This outstanding book depicts stress and its impact from a broad standpoint. Exploring the veil attempts we use as distractions to avoid dealing with the issues that are really eating at our ability to move forward in our lives."

"Stress is an eye-opening book that meticulously demonstrates how people in pain too often feel that the way to handle stress is to avoid it by using alcohol, gambling, sex, drugs, pornography and much more."

"Dr. Haymon with great precision dissects stress, offers his diagnosis and prescribes a large dose of healing through the ultimate healer, God."

"This revealing book will force readers who are enduring stress to take the blinders off and truly look at their lives. To ultimately make a decision about the path they want to continue on. Do they want to prolong the distractions causing more damage, or do they want help from the only one who truly has the power to help you overcome stress and climb out of its pits."

- - Patricia Woods, B2M Editor 

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