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Friday, May 02 2014

"Jackson Harris' debut novel is an interesting read. This incredibly moving story offers suspense and intrigue that will keep your full attention. It reveals the passion and dedication the Jackson family had for their profession. And demonstrates the love of family and the challenges they endure when tragedy strikes."

"Fully Involved tells the story of three generations of Atlanta firefighters in the Jackson family. It uncovers the tragic death of David Jackson, the son of the retired Arson Chief, James Jackson. Exposing many unanswered questions in the tumultuous events that lead to a fire that ultimately claimed his life."

"David's wife Peggy gave birth to their son Nick, on the same faithful day that she lost the love of her life. Unable to cope with the tragic situation, Peggy turned to drugs and struggled with her addiction for many years."

"James and his wife stepped up to raise their grandson, Nick, and he eventually followed the same path and becomes the Captain at the same station his father and grandfather worked at."

"Nick's curiosity about the events that led to his father's death compels him to resume the investigation. He soon becomes suspicious that his grandfather, James Jackson is withholding important information that could determine if his father's death was an accident or a homicide."

"What Nick learns will unearth dark secrets that will threaten lives and cause others to face potential criminal charges." 

- - Patricia Woods, B2M Editor

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