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Thursday, May 01 2014

The Robbin Hoods is a riveting read that presents great insight into the minds of those who hunger for the good life, and partake in a life of crime to fulfill their dreams.”

“Chance, a young man from Brooklyn is forced to grow up quick. His father was murdered while serving time in prison. His mother, Vonetta is addicted to drugs and he has a brother and sister depending on him for survival.”

“Vonetta decides to move Chance and his siblings to the suburbs in New Jersey in search of a better life. The disparity in their lives compared to their neighbors sparks an idea that eventually sets Chance down a destructive path.”

“Eager to make money fast, Chance forms a crew and they become burglars. What starts as a few robberies in suburban areas turns into a full enterprise. They decide to rob from those who they consider rich and use the proceeds to finance a life in luxury.”

“They frequently run into complications. There are arrests and quick escapes and a few who lose their lives. This lifestyle comes with a price. Will Chance get out before it’s too late and the price is too steep?”

The Robbin Hoods offers a great message to encourage all to work honestly to achieve your dreams. It also demonstrates that negative actions produce consequences.”

- - B2M Book Reviewer
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