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Friday, May 02 2014

"Steven Manchester does a remarkable job penning The Rockin' Chair. It is an outstanding read."

"John & Alice McCarthy are husband and wife and are at a pivotal point in their marriage. Alice has Alzheimer's disease that is rapidly taking over their lives. This poignant look inside the McCarthy family exposes truths that are all too familiar to most of us. Revealing heartbreak, faith, loss and love."

"The McCarthy's have one child, Hank, whom over the years has been distant with his family. His wife Elle has been essential in helping Grandpa John care for his wife as the reality of it all is becoming overwhelming."

"As Alice's health continues to decline, John makes the decision to ask that the family come home to share the final days with their Grandmother."

"The grandkids, George, Evan, and Tara are in the mist of dealing with their own life challenges, but are eventually grateful for the wisdom imparted from Grandpa John."

"The Rockin' Chair presents a great story of a family surviving a tremendous loss and ultimately learning to heal old wounds. Demonstrating the power of forgiveness that we should all take heed to."

"Manchester is superb, pulling readers into this compelling read. Making one feel connected to the events unfolding in this page turning novel that is completely engaging."

- - Patricia Woods, B2M Editor

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