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Friday, May 02 2014

Message From A Mistress is a page turner. This novel is packed with unbelievable drama that will capture readers from page one. Reeling you in as this incredible story unfolds.”

“Four friends, Jaime, Renee, Aria, and Jessa have been close for a longtime. They have endured a lot together. However, things change when the ladies receive a text message from Jessa. She has been secretly having an affair with one of their husbands. Jessa neglects revealing the identity of the husband she is cheating with. This immediately puts Jaime, Renee and Aria on a quest to determine whose husband is in fact the culprit.”

“Each woman wonders if their marriage is crumbling due to something they may have done. Could it be a past infidelity, pursuing a career over fulfilling wifely duties or revenge from a friend due to a competitive relationship? All three women try to support one another as they try to uncover who the unfaithful husband is.”

“Message From A Mistress will keep your full attention as secrets are exposed, and relationships altered by revelations that will ultimately change life as they once knew.”

“Niobia Bryant does an outstanding job crafting a novel that thoroughly engrosses the reader into this tumultuous set of drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat.”

- - Patricia Woods, B2M Editor 

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