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Friday, May 02 2014

Unzipped is a hard hitting, edgy, urban tale that reveals a plot of revenge beyond imagination.”

“Pearl Baines and her twin sister, Diamond are caught up in the dangerous world of the most notorious ballers of New York City.” Their father, ex-gangsta Irish Baines, has turned his life around and is now trying to save the lives of young men from taking the wrong path.”

“At an early age both sisters become heavily involved in the glamour and glitz of the street life. They both become teen mothers and lose their connection due to a betrayal that undermines their family bond.”

“Pearl leaves town and seeks a career as an FBI agent, and Diamond continues life on the streets becoming addicted to drugs and willing to do whatever to supply her habit.”

Irish tries to save his daughter from this madness and ends up losing his life as well as the lives of his wife and grandchildren in a horrific tragedy set in motion by his archenemy, the ruthless, Mookie Mason.”

“Now, Pearl is on a mission to seek retribution for the deaths of her family. Willing and able to wreck havoc and torture to all parties involved. With some help from Menace, a past love, who once broke her heart, she meticulously puts a plan in motion that may very well put her own life in jeopardy.” 

“Grimy, raw, and riveting, adequately depicts Unzipped.”

- - Patricia Woods, B2M Editor

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