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 Aphrodite Jones 



Readers it is a great honor to present to you best-selling author Aphrodite Jones.


This accomplished author has penned seven best-selling true crime books. In fact, one of her books entitled All She Wanted became the Oscar-winning film Boy's Don't Cry. Also an adaptation of her book A Perfect Husband was featured on Lifetime Television as The Staircase Murders.


Aphrodite recently released her new book the Michael Jackson Conspiracy that is destined to become a best seller as well.


Welcome Aphrodite to Books2Mention Magazine.

B2M:  When did you discover your interest in true crime stories?


AJ:  I fell into a real life crime story in 1989.  I was reporting about it on the radio, and nobody was paying any attention - even though an FBI agent had killed his informant.  I decided to become proactive about that story.  And that got me to where I am now.


B2M:  As a reporter you have been privy over the years to some interesting high profile cases. Why do you think the public is so drawn into cases where a celebrity is charged with a criminal offense?


AJ:  The answer is very easy:  we have become a culture, which is obsessed with celebrities.  A celebrity who is charged with a crime or who gets into trouble equals scandal.


B2M:  What sparked your interest in writing a book about the Michael Jackson Trial?


AJ:  I went to the trial to write a book.  That was the whole reason I went there.


B2M:  Did you initially think perhaps this case had merit?


AJ:  Yes.  I was completely convinced that the 1993 settlement was an indicator of Michael's guilt.  I believed all the media hype that I had read in Vanity Fair, The New York Post, and elsewhere.  I was a victim of the shepherd mentality - following news reports without doing my own independent research.  I had become someone who had made up her mind, and, like others in the media; I had refused to look at any evidence that would show Michael's innocence.


B2M:  When exactly did you begin to question the prosecution's case?


AJ:  When the conspiracy theory began to float around I began to think the prosecutors were loony.  But it wasn't until the day of the verdicts that my eyes actually opened to see the truth.


B2M:  Were you shocked by how slanted the reporting was on this case?


AJ:  No, because I was part of it.  I really had the wool pulled over my eyes.  What I said in the author's note of Michael Jackson Conspiracy is all very real.  People didn't want to report the truth, didn't want to see the truth.  I did the same.  I was guilty as charged.


B2M:  Was it difficult to convince Michael Jackson's lead attorney Thomas Mesereau that you were only interested in writing about the truth and not suppressing a hidden agenda?


AJ:  Initially, I never thought that Thomas Mesereau would trust me.  But there came a moment of clarity.  I ran into him at a party.  He must have seen in my face that I was being sincere.  From that point on, I think he began to trust me.  Eventually, after a few weeks - maybe some months - he truly began to trust me. 


B2M:  What has your colleague's opinion been on you writing this book that clearly reveals that the reporting was tainted?


AJ:  My peers have not responded to the book, yet.  They are just getting the book now.  So, I am anxious to hear how they will respond.


B2M:  Why do you feel impassioned to promote public awareness in demanding truthful reporting in the news?


AJ:  Because I became a victim of false reporting myself.  I realize that we need to be proactive.  I have also noticed that I'm not the only one on this quest.  I also see others putting a focus on the media's professional integrity.  So, there must be something to it.


B2M:  What can we the public do to ensure that the media is held to a greater standard when reporting the news?


AJ:  The public can respond to the media.  You can send e-mails.  There are other ways of being proactive, being activated.  You can point it out to each other. 


B2M:  Please share with us what you are working on now and when we might see it in bookstores?


AJ:  I'm not at liberty to share any information about the book I'm working on now.  I can say that it is high profile, and I am still in the middle of some very important decisions.


Aphrodite we encourage you to continue writing books that are built on truth and integrity and we support you in your cause of demanding truth in the reporting of news.


Thanks for interviewing with Books2Mention Magazine. Please be sure to come back again and keep readers informed about all of your future projects.


Much Success To You!

The Staff @ Books2Mention Magazine


You are welcome to visit the website of Aphrodite Jones at


Books by Aphrodite Jones include:


Michael Jackson Conspiracy
A Perfect Husband                                


All She Wanted  

Cruel Sacrifice

Della's Web    

The Embrace

The FBI Killer

Red Zone: The Behind-The-Scenes
Story Of The San Francisco Dog Marling












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