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Books2Mention is honored to have Keenan Kelly as our first featured author. We got a chance to sit down with Keenan over the holidays. B2M truly appreciated Keenan's willingness to set aside some time from his busy schedule to speak with us.


B2M:  Keenan let me first say congratulations on your new book Breathless, A Journal From The Heart. It is a magnificent read. The verse is enticing and draws the reader in with the very first words. How long did it take you to write Breathless?


KEENAN:  Thanks for the warm comments. My hope is that all readers will feel my words read through their hearts and travel their souls. It took me about a year to completely put "Breathless, A Journal From The Heart," together. 


B2M:  When did you realize that you possessed this unique talent for writing?


KEENAN:  Writing the way that I do has always been a part of my make - up since fourth grade. I've always enjoyed trying to find new ways in which to use words.


B2M:  You are best known as "The Author Of Thought Poetry," can you explain to our readers what "Thought Poetry" is?


KEENAN:  Certainly, "Thought Poetry" is putting a poetic twist around a complete thought or idea. It languages feelings in descriptive words without the standard poetry patterns or schemes. 


B2M:  How did you come up with the concept of your new book, Breathless, A Journal From The Heart


KEENAN:  Breathless, A Journal From The Heart, I felt was my opportunity to put the voice of love front stage with the emotions that seem to attach itself to relationships. It was the chance to burn the voice in ink.


B2M:  In your first book Uninvited Feelings, A Book Of Thought Poetry, the poems are more diverse in subject matter. Breathless appears to display more of a romantic theme and touches on the ups and downs of love relationships. Do you feel that this second book demonstrates your growth as a writer?


KEENAN:  A romantic theme is a very good way to describe this book. As I stated earlier with the producing of this book I took the opportunity to place a character which is a voice of love before a reading audience. I feel this book demonstrates my versatility as a writer.


B2M:  What kind of responses have you been receiving from those who have already had the opportunity to read your books?


KEENAN:  The response has been great. I've been very encouraged by the feedback and reviews I've received. It gives my hope the courage to continue, so for that I've been most grateful.


B2M:  Since you do not write from personal experiences, how are you able to vividly express various situations in life without actual knowledge? 

KEENAN:  That's an interesting question. Interesting from the stance that "Thought Poetry" is to provoke emotional response so my writing can truly become the work of my imagination. 


B2M:  Who are some of your favorite authors?


KEENAN:  I have respect and appreciation for all authors who are willing to share their gifts and make themselves vulnerable to the reading audience. I've been influenced by so many great authors, there are just too many to name.


B2M:  What do you hope your readers will gain from reading your books?


KEENAN:  First and foremost, I hope readers will enjoy and appreciate the language of my books. Both books offer a musicalized voice which speaks in a universal language any and all hearts can understand.


B2M:  What are you currently working on now?


KEENAN:  I'm currently promoting my second book, "Breathless," and I'm jotting down some thoughts for my third book.


B2M:  What type of advice would you like to offer to aspiring writers?


KEENAN:  Write write and write. Read other good writers and good books on writing. Believe in yourself. Revision isn't a bad thing it is often a way to improve on a good thing.


B2M:  If you were stranded on an island for an extended length of time, but had the opportunity to bring a book along with you, what would that book be and why? 


KEENAN:  That book would be the "Bible." It is my personal belief that this is the Book of Life - - - I would never want to be without it.


Thanks Keenan, for allowing us to interview you during this busy season. We are deeply honored to have you featured as our very first author at Books2Mention Magazine. We look forward to speaking again with you in the very near future. We wish you much success with your books and all of your endeavors.


Happy New Year!

The Staff @ Books2Mention Magazine


You can visit Keenan Kelly's website at Keenan's books are currently available online and at bookstores.  


Other titles by Keenan include:




Uninvited Feelings, A Book Of Thought Poetry















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