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 Candice Dow 





Candice, welcome to Books2Mention Magazine and congratulations on your book Caught In The Mix. It is a compelling read that illustrates proficiently how complicated a love relationship can be.


B2M: The title Caught In The Mix, is indeed a befitting title based on all the ingredients of betrayal, secrets, lies, family drama and a host of other intrusions. How did you come up with the title?


CANDICE:  Initially the title was something like "For Love." My agent and I agreed that it should be something more catchy. I began scribbling common quotes, searching titles of old songs, and nothing. Finally, I wrote down, Caught in the Mix. I immediately felt a connection to the title. Then, I shared it with friends and co-workers. Everyone except one person told me that I shouldn't title it that. But with Clark being caught in between Tanisha and Reggie, Devin in between Clark and Jennifer, and so on and so on, I knew it was the perfect title for the book.


B2M: Would you say the characters in your book are a mixture of fiction and a small dose of real people that you have encountered in your life?


CANDICE:  Definitely. I think most people know a couple that were a perfect match in college. Then, the real world either destroyed or validated their love.  


B2M: Which character in Caught In The Mix, presented more of a challenge for you to create?


CANDICE:  I would say Tanisha. She had such a self-sacrificing nature. Being a person that knows it's important to take time for yourself, it was hard to really make myself think like that. 


B2M: What type of research did you conduct in order to portray a story that everyone can relate to?


CANDICE:  Interviewing strangers. Whenever I meet people, I usually ask tons of questions about love, life, and relationships.  


B2M: What is your motivation to write?


CANDICE:  Real life. I'm always inspired by things occurring around me. Sometimes it could be a statement someone makes or an interaction that I witness. I find myself rushing home to create an entire story around that statement or interaction.


B2M:  Was it hard for you to get a publishing deal?


CANDICE:  Not really. I spent more time trying to make the manuscript perfect than it took to actually get published. It was about two years of re-reading, re-writing and hiring editors, and a few unfortunate editing experiences, before I had the courage to contact an agent. Shortly after I was signed by my agent, Caught in the Mix was picked up by Kensington. 


B2M:  There are so many aspiring writers out there, what can you offer to those individuals as inspiration, to help them continue in the pursuit of realizing their dreams?


CANDICE:  Never give up! Always know that someone will enjoy your hard work.  


B2M: Your next book is entitled Ain't No Sunshine, can you tell our readers a little of what to expect from your next novel?


CANDICE:  Ain't No Sunshine is a story about a young woman's dramatic journey to self-discovery after escaping an abusive relationship, exotic dancing and an elusive family history.    


B2M: Candice, what books have your read recently?


CANDICE:  So You Call Yourself a Man by Carl Weber. 


B2M: Do you have a favorite book? If so, what is the title and can you share with us why it is your favorite book.


CANDICE:  Trying to Sleep in the Bed You Made by Donna Grant & Virginia Deberry. This story touched me so, and became my all time favorite, because I read it during a time in my life when friendships that you thought you'd have your entire life began to die off. As a young woman, I didn't pay too much attention to losing these friends. By the end of this book, I realized that good friendships should never be easily disposed. It is a rule that I live by now. Keeping a genuinely, good girlfriend is equally as important as keeping a good man.    


B2M: When you are not writing, what things do you enjoy doing?


CANDICE:  Traveling and hanging out with friends. 


B2M: What would you like your readers to know about you?


CANDICE:  That I sincerely appreciate them giving me the opportunity to share my world and my words with them.


B2M: What lessons would you like your readers to learn after having read Caught In The Mix?


CANDICE:  I would like them to know that we all make mistakes in relationships (not just men) and to really evaluate what you have and what you want, before hastily making major relationship decisions.     


Candice, Books2Mention Magazine would like to thank you for interviewing with us. You are indeed a talented writer and we look forward to reading more of your books.


Much Success To You!    

The Staff @ Books2Mention Magazine


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Caught In The Mix               

in't No Sunshine 
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