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 Phyllis Jackson 

Books2Mention is honored to have Phyllis Jackson as our featured author this month. We truly appreciate her willingness to set aside some time to interview with us.

Phyllis Jackson is an author, poet, philanthropist, activist, etc., from Atlanta, Georgia. Phyllis is a graduate from Savannah State University with a BBA in Marketing and a MBA in Public Administration. Phyllis, also known as "The Elitess," has had a passion for word imagery writing since 1994, where she was acknowledged as a Young Georgia exposition winner. In 1997, The Elitess was awarded her first publication in the National Library of Poetry's Publication, "Beneath A Rainbow."

In 2007, Ms Jackson published her first book entitled Soul Searching Confessions. Which focuses on the nostalgia of our firsts (loves, heartaches, fantasies, self discovery and realization, etc.).

B2M proudly presents our exclusive interview with Phyllis Jackson.

Welcome to Books2Mention Magazine. Congratulations on the release of your first book.

PHYLLIS: Thank you for having me.

B2M: When did you realize that you possessed this unique talent for writing?

PHYLLIS: I realized that I had a niche’ in writing in middle school. My teachers always encouraged me to enter my work in contest & programs. It did not dawn on me to build a brand from my writing until college, after allowing others to read my “confessions”.

B2M: How did you get the name "The Elitess"?

PHYLLIS: I, actually, got the name Elitess from some friends of mine, & the combined force of an organization I co-founded in college. My friends always treated me as someone above average & expected nothing less than greatness from me; and the organization was crowned Nubian Elite Council of Fashion. The combination created my alias “ The Elitess”.

B2M: How did you come up with the concept for your book?

PHYLLIS: Soul Searching Confessions came about when I acknowledged, that writing poetry was my way of confessing my thoughts & feelings to people, when I couldn’t find a way to confront them verbally.

B2M: Do you have a special ritual in place when writing, that allows you to tap into your creative energy?

PHYLLIS: Not really, when I feel a poem stir up in my mind, I write it, immediately. Whether I be at home, work, grocery store, I let my creativity flow on its own.

B2M: Do you believe that creative writing is a gift or is it learned?

PHYLLIS: I believe that creative writing is a gift; but how people use it can be learned.

B2M: Is there a particular poet that you most admire that has influenced your writing style?

PHYLLIS: Honestly, I don’t have a particular poet that I emulate. I tend to separate myself from other poets, so that I can deliver a pure message. I want my style of writing to be natural.

B2M: What are your aspirations as an author?

PHYLLIS: My aspirations as an author are to be the voice of the emotions that people can’t find or express on their own, as well as, encourage people to acknowledge the feelings & thoughts they, often, try to neglect or forget.

B2M: Outside of writing what are your other interest?

PHYLLIS: Aside from writing, I enjoy reading, of course, lol, cooking, watching movies, stepping, attending step shows, hanging with friends & loved ones. You know, the normal leisure activities.

B2M: You are the National Executive Inspector General for the Sisters Striving For Excellence Organization. Can you fill our readers in on the company and its mission?

PHYLLIS: Sisters Striving for Excellence is a non-profit Organization that promotes public awareness and supports the value of sisterhood, professionalism, and community service while representing a character of integrity.

B2M: Are you currently working on a new project?

PHYLLIS: Yes, I am working on my second and third book, currently. The second book is entitled “Reflections of a Journey “will be available this spring.

B2M: Phyllis we encourage you to continue writing poetry that focuses on the intimacy of the heart, mind, body, and spirit, and we look forward to hearing more from you.

Thanks for interviewing with Books2Mention Magazine. Please be sure to come back again and keep readers informed about all of your future endeavors.

Much Success To You!
The Staff @ Books2Mention Magazine

You are welcome to visit the website of Phyllis Jackson at

Books by Phyllis Jackson include: 

Soul Searching Confessions
Reflections of a Journey – Coming Spring 2010 

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