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 L. Y. Marlow 
Color Me Butterfly is L. Y. Marlow's first novel. It is a story of courage, strength, and hope that is interwoven in each woman, and one that has set the path for generations of women to come. Spanning over sixty years, Color Me Butterfly is a compelling blend of fact and fiction, drawing from the story of abuse in Marlow's own family. With more than thirty-two million Americans affected each year, domestic violence is one of the most serious social family issues of our time.

Previously self-published, Color Me Butterfly has won, been given honorable mention, or was a finalist for eight book awards, including the National Independent Publisher Book Award, and the Hollywood Book Festival Award. With Three Rivers Press's publication of Color Me Butterfly and the launch of the Saving Promise brand, Marlow hopes to unite the millions of Americans affected by domestic violence.

Marlow is also the founder of Saving Promise, a grassroots awareness organization.

B2M proudly presents our exclusive interview with L. Y. Marlow.

B2M: Welcome to Books2Mention Magazine. Thanks for the opportunity to feature you.

Please tell us about your debut novel, Color Me Butterfly.

L. Y. MARLOW: Color Me Butterfly is the true and unnerving story of four generations of women in my family - my grandmother, my mother, myself, and my daughter - who suffered and survived over 60+ years of unspeakable abuse. Color Me Butterfly begins in the 40's where my Grandfather horrifically abused my grandmother and their eight children. And after my grandfather finally left the family, my mother met and married my father at the age of 18, who later abused her, causing her to almost lose her life. Then I, at the tender age of 16, found myself living in the shadows of my grandmother and my mother. And later, my daughter was in a very abusive relationship.

It’s a book about family, about transformation, and hope.

B2M: How did you arrive at the decision to share your story with the world?

L. Y. MARLOW: After finding a lump in my breast, my perspective about life changed. One of those changes included pursuing my passion, to write. After I was told by my writing coach to “write what I know”, I wrote Color Me Butterfly. I didn’t realize that I would be writing a book about 4 generations of mothers and daughters who suffered and survived 60+ years of domestic violence and abuse. I was just writing what I know – and all I knew was my family.

B2M: How challenging was it to be so open about the pain that you and several women in your family endured?

It was very challenging because as I wrote Color Me Butterfly, I had to relive the pain that all the women in my family suffered. But it was just as cathartic as it was painful. Through my families’ story, I found healing, and a calling to help others.

B2M: Has sharing your story been therapeutic?

L. Y. MARLOW: Very much so. After writing Color Me Butterfly, I truly grew into the woman that I am today—someone who now understands that “I” control my life and its wellness. It gave me the strength to no longer be ashamed, but to use my story for change.

B2M: What kind of responses have you been receiving from those who have already had the opportunity to read your book?

Nothing short of amazing. Anyone that I know whom has read Color Me Butterfly, always speak very highly of it. I feel so blessed to know that this book is touching so many.

B2M: What has been your source of inspiration?

L. Y. MARLOW: My mother, whom I recently lost; and my daughter. It was my mother who gave me and continues to give me my strength; and my daughter whom is also my source of inspiration.

B2M: Please tell us about The Color Me Butterfly Journal Series.

L. Y. MARLOW: The Color Me Butterfly Journal Series is a way for people to capture their deepest thoughts as a way of healing. Writing and journaling is very therapeutic for me, and I think it can be for others as well.

The series offers four inspirational journals, which includes Courage, Hope, Love and Reflection.

B2M: What exactly is the Saving Promise Campaign?

Saving Promise is the first of its kind domestic violence awareness brand that is positioned to have the same impact and success that has been so effective for breast cancer awareness. By understanding the ways America organize and take action, this new combination of advocacy and marketing will form a movement of ordinary people, willing to stand up for a little girl named Promise and turn this issue from a national health crisis into a national priority.

When I discovered that my 22 year old daughter was trapped in an abusive relationship, one in which the abuser not only threatened my daughter’s life but also the life of my granddaughter named Promise, now the fifth generation, I founded Saving Promise.

You can learn more about Saving Promise at

B2M: What advice would you like to give to others who may be silently suffering abuse?

L. Y. MARLOW: You deserve better. Don’t be ashamed. Please reach out for help. You can contact the Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-779-SAFE.

B2M: Are you currently working on a new project?

L. Y. MARLOW: Yes. I’m writing my next novel ColorBlind due out in Spring 2012.

B2M: L. Y. Marlow we encourage you to continue writing great books that touches our hearts and souls. We appreciate your fortitude in seeking for change through awareness and action by way of your Saving Promise Campaign.

Thanks for interviewing with Books2Mention Magazine. Please be sure to come back again and keep readers informed about all of your future endeavors.

Much Success To You!
The Staff @ Books2Mention Magazine

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