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 Douglas Moore Jr. 






Readers we are please to present to you Douglas Moore Jr. the author of Fresh Thoughts and his most recent release The Rebirth of a Lost Poet.


Douglas is a promising new author in the industry and exhibits a wonderful talent that should take him very far. 

Hello Douglas, welcome to Books2Mention Magazine. Thanks for allowing our readers to learn more about you.


B2M:  When exactly did you discover your interest in writing poetry? 


DOUGLAS:  During my freshmen year of college, I lost my Aunt and I decided to write a poem in her memory, which ended up being one of the features in my first book of poetry "Fresh Thoughts."


B2M:  What gives you inspiration to write?


DOUGLAS:  Living life, in regards to growing as a person, experiencing and losing love, the struggles of our ancestors and the rise to give us the freedom we have now, and family.


B2M:  Is there a particular poet that has been an influence in your writing?


DOUGLAS:  I would say Jill Scott because her poetry feels as though she is directly talking to you and I admire a beautiful sistah that can speak her mind because us men love that.


B2M:  Your book of poetry covers a diverse range of subjects. Is there a specific subject or cause that you wish to write about in the future?


DOUGLAS:  I feel with my newest book of poetry "The Rebirth of A Lost Poet," I looked deeper within myself and extended my range. In regards to the future, I am sure I will continue to write about what I experience and see in the world.


B2M:  Your poetry deals a lot with love and relationships. Does writing from this prospective come easy to you?


DOUGLAS:  It is easy to write about because I can reach deep within myself and give you a clear picture of what I am feeling with a sense of confidence that everyone has been in my shoes and can relate.


B2M:  You also probe into news and current events in your book. How important is it for you to include world issues in your work?


DOUGLAS:  I want people to be aware of the things going on around the world and my personal perspective on them.


B2M:  Over the years there have been many poets who have gone on to write novels. Is this something you would like to pursue?


DOUGLAS:  I have gone back and forth with that notion and I think maybe after my next book, that might be something I'd consider.


B2M:  When you released your first book entitled Fresh Thoughts a few years ago, was it hard for you to share your artistry with the world?


DOUGLAS:  Honestly, I was very anxious to get the project completed so I could get everyone's feedback, so there was no nervousness at all.


B2M:  Many people feel that the ability to write and make use of your creativity is cathartic. Is this so for you?




B2M:  How great does it feel to have your books published for the world to read and enjoy your talent?


DOUGLAS:  It is a priceless feeling, especially when people give you all sorts of feedback because no matter whether it is bad or good, they are thinking of you and your work.


B2M:  So tell us, what can we expect from you next?


DOUGLAS:  I always say there has to be a trilogy, so expect another deep book of poetry that will capture your heart and soul in a flash. Be sure to hit up my myspace page under the link Both of my books are available on Barnes and Noble, Borders, and Amazon.


Douglas, we encourage you to continue writing poetry that inspires and motivates readers.


Thanks for interviewing with Books2Mention Magazine. Please be sure to come back again and keep readers informed about all of your future projects.


Much Success To You!

The Staff @ Books2Mention Magazine


To learn more about Douglas please visit his website at:


Books by Douglas Moore Jr. include:



The Rebirth of a Lost Poet



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