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 Shaheta S. Pickett 

Shaheta S. Pickett is a new author who recently released the novel Beauty Shop Confessions.

Shaheta is a freelancer writer, ghostwriter proofreader, and book reviewer for the Urban Book Source. She also works as a contributing writer for Do ATL Magazine and Hair Vixen Hair Magazine.

In addition, Shaheta is the proud owner of High Heels Inc.

B2M presents our exclusive interview with Shaheta S. Pickett.

Welcome to Books2Mention Magazine. Congratulations on the success of your book.

B2M: When did you discover your interest in writing?

SHAHETA: I wrote small stories as a kid but never believe that I could be an author. With a naïve mind I thought that you had to be born to be an author, doctor etc... I had no clue that you could do whatever you put your mind to.

B2M: When did you write your very first story?

I wrote my first full story in 2004, which is Beauty Shop Confessions and over the years I have perfected it and gained the confidence to have the world as my audience.

Please tell us about your new book.

Beauty Shop Confessions is about a group of co-workers that work together in a salon with 7 different personalities that will soon clash. With survival on the brain and egos to hold onto, everyone has a confession to tell. It’s not the typical Beauty Shop storyline. It actually goes behind the scenes and into the personal lives of each character as well as tying personal and professional lives together to create their confession.

What inspired you to write Beauty Shop Confessions?

It was a divine moment in time. I always knew I wanted to write and when the title popped in my head I ran with it completing 3 sequels to it in no time.

Was it a difficult task to create characters that readers would be able to relate to?

The most difficult task for me was creating a male character and acting it out to the point that I had to think act and speak through words of a man. But I loved every moment of it. The creative process was fun but not easy.

B2M: What do you enjoy most about the creative process of writing?

I love the fact that I can look at all of the words after writing then it sinks in that every word was a divine connection in its right order. I humble myself at that point and take it all in. I have realized that nothing is by mistake and I want to make a mark in the world with my stories.

B2M: Who has been your supportive force, encouraging you to pursue your dreams?

That is kind of hard to explain because I don’t tell people that I write not a lot anyway, because I believe in protecting my craft and not allowing other people insecurities to rain on my destiny. But the small group of supporters starting with my 8-year-old son has really been supportive while listening to all my characters and different story versions. It is really hard. I could not imagine listening to a story that is not well developed then finally reading the finish product after about 12 rewrites. So I would have to say a small circle of some friends and family as well as my readers.

B2M: Please tell us about your company Hi Heels Inc.

Hi Heels Inc is a company where we highlight women business owners or leaders around the world with building a network for support and laid back social activities. Our website is being remodeled with hopes and prayers of it turning into a better platform for women business owners.

B2M: Do you have a favorite past time besides reading?

SHAHETA: Playing volleyball. I played volleyball in high school and collegiately, so in my spare time I coach a High School team as well as middle school team.

B2M: What can we expect from you next?

SHAHETA: My next series of projects will include Adrenaline Rush an urban love story. Coming this fall. Part 2 to Beauty Shop Confessions –“If Looks could Kill.” Kittie Litter and a very personal story entitled Ms. Ann.

Shaheta we encourage you to continue writing books that offer great stories with interesting characters. We look forward to hearing more from you.

Thanks for interviewing with Books2Mention Magazine. Please be sure to come back again and keep readers informed about all of your future endeavors.

Much Success To You!

The Staff @ Books2Mention Magazine

You are welcome to visit the website of Shaheta S. Pickett at

Books by Shaheta Pickett include:
Beauty Shop Confessions 
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